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♦ they have just published the official results, link
♦ course for agility individual for A&C medium-small, large. gran jumping
♦ the organization announced live results today (sunday) here (reference: yellow circle on the right of the webpage)
♦ teams qualified for the gran jumping in large: monica rylska (poland) -chica, jouni orenius (finland)- neela, camilo quiniones (colombia) -ita, sarah baker (USA) – hopps, wilson villaobos (colombia) -tess, ezio solari (chile)- atila, leonardo vela (colombia) – zork, davida gamba (colombia) -ion, diego hernandez (colombia)-uva, jennifer siegel (USA) -liard, david rodriguez (colombia)- hacker, german villa (colombia) – gibbar, desvigne (USA)- vivian, nicole manes (argentina) – roy, sebastian gamba (colombia) – jean, marta moncada (colombia)- lorenza, henao (colombia)- dazlee, higuita (colombia) -dexter, bravo (colombia)-rufo, bernal (colombia) -jacob, romina cervasio (argentina) -wish, daisy peel (USA) -frodo, silvina garmendia (argentina) -igor, aranguren (colombia) -hiro, campillay (argentina) – kimey.
♦ teams qualified for the gran jumping in medium: susan crank (USA)- speedo, luis romero (peru)- layla, yompian (peru) -jurgen, gabriela (guatemala) -nea, garzon (colombia) – kiara, galvis (colombia) – simon, linda (USA) – lucky, pamela caldwel (USA) – arrow, camilo castro (colombia) – lilo, molano (colombia) – nix, claudette mo (USA) – simba, rosana (colombia)- kyra, Molano (colombia) – hemi, mujica (chile) – kleine, carol rivera (colombia) – queen, vanesa perez (mexico) – lassie, lilianan bernal (colombia) – nikolas, caterine (colombia) – mateo
♦ qualified for the gran jumping in small: javier vega (colombia)-leela, hector díz (colombia)-flame, katia (brazil)-nica, nicole manes (argentina)- brahma, katherine mora (colombia)- anastasia, carla mcalister (USA)-wink, gerson urbina (mexico)-xoxo, diego hernandez (colombia)-miel, claudia aertker (USA)-diva, carolina fernandez (colombia)-aria, gualda (chile)-ecmo, roel medina(peru)-perseo, juliana blanco (colombia)-falkor, roel medina (peru)-alan, cesar romero (peru)-bala, fray gonzaga (colombia)-bassly, jorge miranda (peru)-zeus, luz jaramillo (colombia)-cody, alejandro posada (colombia)- bollito, samir (brazil) -lali, silvina garmendia(argentina) -kratos, fredy gomez (colombia) -k, ingrid michael (colombia) – chispa, hector dias (colombia) – imagine.
♦ results jumping individual for A&C.
large: 1- jouni orenius & neela (finland, 36.17 s), 2- r. cervasio & wish (argentina, 36.72 s), 3- daisy peel & frodo (USA 36.99 s) all clean run.
small: 1- h. diaz & flame (colombia 34.38 s), 2- samir & lali (brasil 34.75 s), 3- javier vega & leela (colombia 34.85 s).

♦ courses for A&C teams agility small- medium, large
A&C jumping individual small- medium, large.

♦ A&C teams jumping small: 1- USA, 2- colombia, 3- argentina, 4- brazil (.jpg)
Best laps: javier vega (colombia) & leela 32.62, katia (brasil) & nica 33.86, nicky (argentina) & brahma 35.69, mary (usa) & gus 38.59

♦ unofficial results for open individual large in agility, agility + jumping
♦ unofficial results for open individual medium in agility, agility + jumping
♦ unofficial results for open individual small in agility, agility + jumping
♦ courses for open agility individual small- medium, large
A&C team jumping small- medium, large.

♦ unofficial results for open teams large in agility, agility + jumping. Results in agility (individually)
♦ unofficial results for open teams medium in agility, agility + jumping. Results in agility (individually)
♦ unofficial results for open teams small agility, agility + jumping. Results in agility (individually).
♦ courses for open jumping individual small- medium, large,
courses for open agility teams small-medium, large

♦ new links 1, 2, 3) for live stream
♦ courses for team open jumping small-medium (tamas traj), large (alex beitl).
♦ spreadsheets for results
program. Timetable for training & vet check.
♦ jet lag with medellin.
♦ official lists for open, A&C (spreadsheets .xlsx).
♦ changes for the seminars. There will be only 2 groups with 8 dogs. The payments are the day of the seminar (the cost with dog is 180 dollars and without dog 50 dollars). They will be on april 11-12 (from 8 am to 5 pm) and on april 13 (from 8 am to midday) in the baseball field (close to the venue of A&C). You have to send an email to
♦ BARF food in medellin: jaime franco (312 2962275) is the contact. More links in colombia: eco pet food, dieta barf, dieta cruda barf, dowolf, mercado libre, facebook (1, 2).
teams for open & A&C.
♦ running orders for open (individual, teams), A&C (individual, teams) (facebook).
♦ dogs retiring at the A&C will receive a tribute and the organizers ask people to contact them (facebook).
♦ the seminars with isabelle emanuelsson (sweden), monika rilska (poland), jouni orenius (finland) are on april 11-14. There will be 3 goups with 7 dogs each; the cost with dog is 185 dollars and withput dog 50 dollars (click).
♦ unofficial registrations and statistics.
174 registrations for the open (141 go to A&C).
100 large, 45 small, 29 medium (at A&C strictly 81 large, 35 small, 20 medium).
Colombia (local) has 93 dogs followed by USA (17), argentina (12), Peru (11).
The european teams are from finland, sweden and poland (1 dog each).
el salvador and uruguay are the american countries with less dogs (1 per country).
the breeds with more dogs are: 91 border collie, 30 shetland, 6 jack russel, caniche, schnauzer.

numbers/dorsals for competitors.
♦ official information about registrations (.jpg); non official statistics with partial information about registrations (some teams from colombia are not public yet and there is no information about who runs for A&C and who do it only for the open).
live stream (facebook).
♦ the deadline for registrations has been postponed; the new deadline is march 21 (facebook).
♦ the large team from argentina: romina cervasio & wish (breeder compinche), sergio campillay & kimey (breeder del bosque suizo), luciano peccin & dylan (breeder del bosque suizo), sergio campillay & tupac (breeder compinche).
♦ channel on youtube
♦ gabriel gomez and martha moncada found new hotels in medellin; the webpage will be updated soon. more links.
♦ jouni orenius, isabelle emanuelsson & monika rylska are taking part of A&C (.png).
♦ the new deadline for registrations with discount is january 22 (.png).
♦ information about medellín (1, 2, 3). Founded in 1616, the city is in the middle of the land at 1500 m- 5000 ft (above sea level).
♦ información de medellín (1, 2, 3). Fundada en 1616, a 1500 m (por encima del nivel del mar) y con unos 3 millones de habitantes.
♦ the organization is trying to arrange some seminars with european agilitists the week after the competition but nothing is confirmed except that they will take place in medellin
♦ contact for transport in colombia: andres zuluaga transporte. +57 313 6951231
♦ some articles in spanish about pet importation in colombia (1 (clicking on the american flag you are redirected to an english version of the webpage (with the browser's back button, the document is available in english)), 2, 3).
♦ the information from ticket express/ webpage has been updated. the first deadline is january 15.
The first part of the registration is through ticket express. they return a code with 4 characters (W followed by 3 digits). Then the information about the team has to be entered at the A&C's webpage; ticket express's code is part of the information.

♦ Volunteers list & registration
♦ registrations are open through ticket express. The costs on the webpage have an extra charge of 10 % (for ticket express) and the deadlines on the webpage are different from the deadlines on ticket express webpage.
costs for registrations. Three deadlines: january 15, february 28 and march 15.
Hotel Tryp Medellin Colombia is the official hotel (facebook); write that you are going to A&C when you book your reservation. More hotels near the venue up to booking, trivago
♦ photos from medellin on facebook
♦ the venue is at complejo atanasio girardot. map
♦ new promotional video
♦ it is on april 5-10, 2016 in rio negro (medellin, colombia).